TV and Film

2021Moveable FeastSeason 8 - Episodes 7-13 (coming soon)Post-Production Audio Mixing
2020Christopher Kimball's Milk StreetSeason 4 - Episodes 1-23
Audio Engineer, Post-Production Audio Mixing
2019Christopher Kimball's Milk StreetSeason 3 - Episodes 1-23Audio Engineer, Post-Production Audio Mixing
2019StokeFilmPost-Production Audio Mixing
2018Christopher Kimball's Milk StreetSeason 2 - Episodes 1-23
Audio Engineer, Post-Production Audio Mixing
2017Christopher Kimball's Milk StreetSeason 1 - Episodes 1-13Audio Engineer, Post-Production Audio Mixing
2016Cook's CountrySeason 9 - Episodes 1-13Post-Production Audio Mixing
2016Aloha From LavalandDocumentaryPost-Production Audio Mixing
2016Bone Of A WhaleShort FilmPost-Production Audio Mixing
2015ThroupleFilmPost-Production Audio Mixing
2015Aloha From LavalandTrailerPost-Production Audio Mixing
2015Cook's CountrySeason 8 - Episodes 1-13Post-Production Audio Mixing
2010KetmanLive at Great ScottRecord, Mix
2010Campaign For Real TimeLive at Great ScottRecord, Mix
2010Miller, Colley, DerschLive at Mason & Hamlin Piano FactoryRecord, Mix
2009Bachus KingLive at New AllianceRecord, Mix
2009Monique OrtizLive at New AllianceRecord, Mix
2009Bon SavantsLive at New AllianceRecord, Mix
2009TaxpayerLive at New AllianceRecord, Mix
2009ChildsplayLive at Somerville TheatreRecord

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