I make recordings from the ground up. I choose the mics, preamps, compressors and detailed signal flow to get the desired sound you’ve been looking for. I’ve made records in gorgeous studios and dingy rehearsal spaces; recorded concerts and small shows. No matter where the recording happens, the same care and attention to detail remains. Here are the studios I am currently working through and the most familiar with, but trust me, we are never limited to what you see.


New AllianceNew Alliance Audio

Cambridge, MA

Head Engineer

This is home to me. With the best-sounding drum room in Boston—and an amp selection that will make you envious—New Alliance is the place to make a record.

WoollyWooly Mammoth

Waltham, MA

When Morphine front man Mark Sandman passed away, he left a beautiful grand piano behind. Years later, Hi-N-Dri Studio had to make a tough decision and sold the piano to Wooly Mammoth. The HUME grand piano is as round as Steinway and has a rich full tone that brings bands from all around, hoping to make its presence timeless by making it a foundation of their records. Wooly Mammoth has preserved musical history, and made it available for all to be a part of. Oh yeah, they have a jaw dropping mic and gear collection.

BAGBoston Audio Group

Dedham, MA

How many times have you heard of a basement studio and thought of a dingy… well… basement? Well this is not that place. The studio was designed first and the house was built on top. Its 11 foot ceilings stand as a testament as to how serious the studio design was taken into consideration. This is a classic and comfortable environment for making pristine sounding records. Boston Audio Group is a great example of how a near sonically-perfect control room will take your breath away.

Mix RoomThe Mix Room

Jamaica Plain, MA

As an engineer making a living in the recording industry, it became apparent that price flexibility was necessary to continue to get clients moving through the door. Since studio rates are already at an all time low, the only option left was to eliminate the remaining costs. The Mix Room is just that, a low overhead, personal office that is set up to edit and mix. This set up has proven ideal for projects that have a tight budget and don’t require the bands presence. The Mix room offers great rates and great mixes which are fully recallable.

Audio Link BalloonsAudio Link

Watertown, MA

This is where most of the voiceover work happens. These facilities are designed with the voice recording process in mind. And to prove we have a sense of humor, here what it looks like when we’re goofin on our voice talents.

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