YearBandAlbum Credits
2023Monique OrtizYou There? (Single)Mix
2023Horrible EarthWeakened By CivilizationRecord, Mix
2022A Bit Much(Unreleased dual singles)Record, Mix, Produce
2022Beauty Is The EndWhite Knuckle Dress (Unreleased LP)Record, Mix, Produce
2021Fuligin(Unreleased LP)Vocal Recording, Mix
2021Guilty As Sin(Unreleased LP)Record, Mix, Produce
2021TrillionaireRomulusVocal Recording
2021Sombre ArcaneRealmsongMix, Master
2021Beauty Is The EndGlass Wall (Single)Mix
2021Beauty Is The EndCherub Allies (Single)Mix
2020The Hi EndGlass KicksRecord, Mix (Select tracks)
2020Billy Brownbest of tragediesRecording
2020A Wish For FireHold On (Single)Record, Mix, Master
2020PremisesSurfacer EPMixing
2020Beauty Is The EndIsolation (Single)Mixing, Master
2020Beauty Is The EndGoing To A Town (Single)Mastering
2020Somber ArcaneKnee To The Neck (Single)Mix, Master
2019ReverseWhats Your ProblemRecord
2019PremisesCave / AlterRecord
2019Birds That Eat BirdsBirds That Eat BirdsMix
2018MorneTo The Night UnknownRecord, Mix
2018Stop Calling Me frankSpider In My Beer And Other SongsRecord, Mix
2018MieleTransienceRecord, Mix
2018This BlissForensic StylesRecording, Mixing, Co Production, Bass
2018RulesHappy Holidays (Single)Record, Mixing
2018RulesPronounsRecord, Mixing
2018Ariel StrasserMotivationRecord
2018TelelectrixEmbrace The ChangeRecord, Mix
2017Foreign TitlesPremiseRecord, Mix
2017Man TroubleMan TroubleRecord
2017ArrowheadArrowhead / Forever Losing Sleep - SplitMix
2017Dead Girls Don't Say NoKingdom Of DecayRecord, Mix
2017Peak FifteenOver The TopMixing
2017Jim HealeyJust A Minute More
Record, Mix
2017The Hi End100 Proof e.p.Record, Mix
20164x4 BarracudaSinglesRecord, Mix
2016TelelectrixMove EPRecord, Mix
2016Horrible EarthTypical Human BehaviorEngineer, Mix
2016Guilty As SinRobot Masquerade PartyRecord, Mix
2016Petty MoralsMarked WomenRecord, Mix, Produce
2016Greg Allen's Fringe ReligionThe Elevator Girl/Queen of DirtRecord, Mix
2016Body EnglishStories of EarthMix
2016Await RescueAnchors // Ghost of YouRecord
2016Backwards Zero(unreleased) (which is a shame)Record, Mix
2016RozamovThis Mortal RoadRecord, Mix
2016Hailey, It HappensHailey, It HappensRecord, Mix, Produce
2016Shane(unreleased)Record, Mix, Co-Produce
2016SetModern SlaveryRecord, Mix
2016Taiwan TyphoonKrakenRecord, Mix, Produce, Bass, Backup Vocals
2015XatataxXatataxRecord, Mix
2015The Heave HoDead reconingRecord, Mix
2015ClowderLost WagesRecord, Mix
2015Coma Poets(unreleased)Mix
2015See This WorldThe Time is NowRecord, Mix
2015RozamovGhost Devine (Single)Mix
2015TelelectrixIllusions of the Mind (Single)Record, Mix
2015ArrowheadA Collection Of What You’ve LostRecord, Mix
2015Burl WeathersDeath WaltzRecord, Mix, Co-Produce
2015Ivan HomelessMake You BlueRecord, Mix
2015Boston SwindlersThe Devil in DisguiseRecord
2014ClippertonesFor The BirdsRecord, Mix
2014Black MadeenThe TimeMix
2014SpectacleSpectacle AliveRecord, Mix
2014Party BoisGuest List (SingleRecord
2014Anna RaeHigh StakesRecording, Mixing
2014Al JabraThe Greatest Rapper Never HeardMix
2014Party BoisBeing In U (Single)Record, Mix
2014Party BoisIn Your Head (Single)Record
2014Coyote KolbLet It ShowRecord
2013My FictionsWhen You Are Close, I Am GoneRecord, Mix, Produce
2013The Saddest LandscapeLive At New AllianceRecord, Mix, Produce, Master
2013The Saddest LandscapeWhen You Are Close, I Am GoneRecord, Mix, Produce
20134x4 Baracuda4x4 BaracudaRecord, Mix, Produce
2013MorneShaddowsRecord, Mix
2013Horrible EarthHorrible EarthRecord, Mix, Produce
2012Bright PrimateNight AnimalsRecord
2012The Tickle Bomb OrchestraPeasants & KingsRecord, Mix, Produce
2012The Saddest LandscapeExit WoundedRecord, Mix, Produce
2012ZLZLRecord, Mix, Produce
2012The ResemblanceThe ResemblanceRecord, Mix, Produce
2012James MontgomeryFrom the DeltaRecord
2012Spot MaryFull Of GraceRecord, Mix, Produce
2012The ResemblanceLike James BondRecord, Mix, Produce
2012Beagle BoneBeagle BoneRecord, Mix, Produce
2012Tony SavarinoGuitaresqueRecord
2012TrabantsLive at New AllianceRecord, Mix
2012Hey Now, Morris FaderGood Times Ne'er ForgotRecord, Mix, Produce
2011Monique OrtizWhen The Pidgeon FliesRecord, Mix
2011The Saddest LandscapeAfter The LightsRecord, Mix, Produce
2011A Bit MuchBoxing DayRecord
2011GoddardBishopRecord, Mix, Produce
2011Taiwan TyphoonSwellBass, Vocals
2011A Bit MuchAll Saints' DayRecord
2011Movers & ShakersNational HarvesterMixing
2011Dangerous Criminal MastermindOne Dollar RideRecord, Mix, Produce
2011A Bit MuchValentine's DayRecord, Mix, Produce
2011A Bit MuchLabor DayRecord
2010Juniper BabyOut Of The WoodsMix
2010The LieLie, Lie My DarlingRecord, Mix
2010A Bit MuchYou Deserve ItRecord, Mix, Produce
2010Death Of The CoolMiles Davis EPRecording
2010The Saddest LandscapeYou Will Not SurviveRecord, Mix, Produce
2010Taiwan TyphoonAct NaturalRecord, Mix, Produce, Bass
2010Sun In FlightEPRecord, Mix
2010Grey Valley GhostGrey Valley GhostRecord, Mix, Produce
2010The Ever Expanding Elastic Waste BandMembers of Morphine with Jeremy LyonsMix, Master
2009Neon GodRomeRecord, Mix
2009Age Against The MachineSingle: WWE—Jack Swager Theme—On Your KneesRecord
2009Christine De Michele (Sparrow)(unreleased)Mix
2009Jeff Dearborn and The Contoocook Blues SocietyLive, Freeze and DieRecord, Mix
2009Mindwalk BlvdThe Art Crime - EPRecording, Assist
2009The LuxuryIn The Wake of What Won't ChangeRecord
2009The BludlowsAmericavilleEngineer
2009Brooks MilgateAcoustic-EPRecord, Mix, Produce
2008KeeterFields and TimeRecord
2008Calumet Hecla5:16Record, Mix, Produce
2008ColossusColossusRecord, Mix
2008Digney FignusTalk of the TownRecord
2008Mikey P and the A CompanyEveryday In 3DRecord, Mix, Produce
2008What About WillWhat About WillRecord, Mix
2008Windmill MusicThe Slowest ZebraRecording, Mix
2008Hey Now, Morris FaderRide The FaderRecord, Mix, Produce
2007HardtimesHardtimesRecord, Mix
2007Arctic MonkeysLive For WFNXAssist
2007SilencioSilencioRecord, Mix
2007Royal MenaceRoyal MenaceRecord, Mix
2006In Black And WhiteSay We Are Not BrothersRecording
2006Calumet HeclaAlloyRecord, Mix, Produce
2005Baby CatapultIt's A GirlRecord, Mix